Web Design isn’t fading. Here’s why

In the last couple of decades, there has been a considerable evolution in the practice of web design. Even some of the critics who prophesied about the death of web design as a career have come to the conclusion that a web designer’s job is pretty much relevant today and will continue to be consistent in our world. Here are four reasons why you should not at any time consider web design as a dying profession.

1. Web design is art

When it comes to viability as an art, web design remains a viable art to people interested in learning new ideas and incorporate them into their designs. Today, many people are interested in user experience with reference to the look, feel, and the content that the website visitor expects to see the first time he visits the website.  The expectation of web visitors will continue to grow as they demand higher quality content in colour schemes, videos, infographics and layouts. Therefore web design, as an art, will continue to grow as new ideas crop up.

2. Security and maintenance

Any serious company worth a reputation will insist on having a secure website. Equally, web design, maintenance, and structure are important to search engine optimization (SEO). Many hackers will often attempt to take advantage of unsecure websites that have outdated security details. This may cause a leak in sensitive information of clients or crush the computers of the website visitors. So, one of the requirements of a company is to consider security updates.

3. Online branding

Researchers state that the role of a web designer is to facilitate the delivery of excellent content and online branding messages to every blog visitor.  This explains the reason why large corporation’s web designers form part of the marketing team and not the IT department.  So the ability of a web designer to design pages that display the brand of the firm is very important. This leads to the marriage between marketing and web design. Since the wall that existed between technology and marketing has long been broken.

4. Quality vs Standard Websites

A massive chunk of the content found on the internet today is produced by entities such as WordPress, Drupal, Blogger and others. These entities just make standard as opposed to quality websites that are important in helping you save both time and money.

Improvements in website technologies the last ten years has made readymade templates of most things possible.  Themes are readily available for any kind of model you could wish for. Still, there are challenges encountered when making websites relevance for conversion when using templates.

In conclusion, web design is alive and well and will continue as long as web designers are willing to adapt to the new technologies in the industry.