The Award-Winning Web Designer Available for Dates

When it comes to dating, we would generally prefer to avoid the subject of work. Dating and socialising in general is a great way to forget about the grindstone. We’d usually much prefer to talk about things that amuse us or that we find entertaining. For some people though, work IS their favourite topic and they just love to talk about it no matter what. This is not good news for those around them that are likely to find the topic boring.

Sometimes, though, somebody will find a partner that shares the same passion in the subject. If you are a web designer you may have found that few partners want to listen to your favourite topic. For one of elite escort in London, however, web-design is exactly what she prefers to talk about.

Award Winning Designs

Yasmine, 33, is an escort with that also builds websites in her spare time. She has even won awards in certain categories. “I taught myself so I am really quite pleased”, she said. “It’s something that I just really enjoy doing”. “The final product can give a lot of satisfaction”, she added. “I have created websites for numerous companies and also some for friends”. “The one I won an award for was for a local company”. “I was really quite surprised”, she added.

Talking Shop

“It is great when I have escorting appointments with web designers”, she said. “We have plenty to talk about”. “They are usually surprised to begin with, they weren’t expecting it”, she added. “We are able to share knowledge and ideas and I think it is a learning experience for both my clients and I”, she said. “I know that I’ve certainly learned a lot from my escorting appointments”. “Now that some of my web designer clients know of my ability, they book me again when they can”, she added.

“It’s probably not often they can go on a date with a lady and talk shop without risk of boring her”. “I don’t find it boring at all”, she said. “I have also been asked to accompany some web designers on meetings and seminars”. “They say that I help to make a good impression for them and their business”, she added.

“I like to think that I am pretty good company once the business side of things is over”, she said. “Take me away to a conference for a few days, and I can assure you that you’ll have the time of your life”, she smiled.